Monday, September 10, 2012

My Photographic Journey ~Southern Utah Child Photographer

My photography 'journey' has been one of adventure, fun, and miracles.  A year and a half ago I felt I needed more training so I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography.  I was drawn to them because I could stay at home and learn at my own pace (and with five children it's been a slow one sometimes).  I helped a friend with a summer photography course this last summer and by the end I was even more grateful for NYIP course.  I've been able to take the 'time' needed (lots of it) to study the material, study my camera, study my camera manual, take TONS of photographs to practice and really understand what I am learning.  I certainly never thought I would be shooting a wedding and that is what I just did a week ago ... and it was sooo much fun!  (photos to come soon)

Well ... back when I only had one child my mother sent me a subscription to Creating Keepsakes Magazine.  Since then I have loved to scrapbook.  Also, I have always believed and enjoyed 'journaling my life.'  So scrapbooking became 'keeping a journal with pictures!'  (Don't get any ideas that I'm up to date - I'm not!).  Naturally photography became very interesting and fun for me.  As I have studied this last year I have struggled to figure out 'what type of photographer I am!'  One afternoon, while studying, I came across the term photo journalism ... and I knew that is what type of photographer I was.  I am a Photo Journalistic Portrait Photographer.

I love to take pictures that tell a story! So as you get ready to take family portraits this season and/or need new photo's of a child or teen, ask yourself, "What is the story I want to tell with these photos?" Share your story with me and I will help you tell that story with photos! I have found that the portrait sessions I have the most fun with and look the best are those that tell a story or have a theme.  (Examples are:  little {T} in her ladybug dress, being a wandering ladybug ... perfect for a two year old,

and monster {T} who made the cutiest monster I ever saw!)


Besides wanting to take better and more professionally looking portraits I also wanted to really 'capture' the main part of my life - motherhood and family activities - with more creativity!  Here are some examples of photo journalism from my own life (no - they are not portraits exactly, but they definately tell a story).
Baby + water jug = a startling experience!  He loved it!
My husband loves to pick sunflowers for me in the fall on his way home from work.
My husband actually took these after I set the camera to my desired settings and told him what I was looking for.  He did a great job! 

 My daughter can 'read' (actually quote) Pinkalicious.  She's so animated that we actually had to record her doing it also!

A common sight at our house ... chase with dad.  How he has the energy to chase our children around after a long day at work always amazes me.

These flowers just decided to grow here ... poking out of the little white picket fence that seperates the sandbox from the garden.  Love it!

My little three year old LOVES to ride his bike .. and he loves mud puddles!
Growing up my husband hunted for monarch caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies.  Every year for the past three years we have done the same.  The kids love to go looking and then watch the caterpillar eat and eat.  Then they wait with impatience for two weeks to see if the caterpillar has come out of his cacoon.  It's so fun to watch them and to see the amazing process.  Unfortunately we didn't find any this year, but the hunting was still fun!

Popsicles, the perfect summer treat on the face I could just eat up!
Well ... there you have it!  A glimpse into my life and my amazing journey with photography.  I look forward to many more years doing what I love and getting better and better at it!  Thanks to everyone who has supported me along this journey and inspired me to be the photographer I am. 

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