Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eric_Deborah Wedding ~Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

This was a gorgeous wedding with a 1950's style (so fun), and I felt honored to capture this wonderful couple and their special day.  In my heart I am a photo journalist photographer (one who likes to tell a story with pictures), and this is the perfect place for me to be.  Alisha Shaw, St. George Photographer, was the main photographer a the event (thus everyone looking away from my camera ... lol), and I was her second camera :)  We made a great team!  Plus, this was the perfect way to break in my new camera.  The picture quality is amazing!

She had her darling boys walk her down the isle ... awe!

I love this picture, because down below was where the pictures were being taken and these mischievous boys were chucking little pebbles down at them ... lol ... just like little boys!

Doesn't this look like a yummy snack bar!!  I love mini white doughnuts and licorice.

I happened to be standing in the right spot to get this shot :)  Benefits of having a second camera shooter.

I naturally gravitate to the kids (because I love kids) and they make some of the best candid shots.
This is just a handful of shots I took and it was hard to narrow it down!

The wedding and reception was held at the "The Falls" event center in St. George.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Enid Adams Funeral

 One of the most wonderful women I ever knew passed away last month.
Enid Marie Adams
I first met her in collage.  She was the advisor to our church group in the young adults ward.  There I grew to trust her and love her, but most of all I remember the feeling of deep love she had for us.  I only needed to be in her presence to feel it.  Later, I dated her grandson and a few years after that married him (a wonderful man).
She was first a dear friend, then a grandmother, and then a great grandmother to my children.  We are so grateful for the influence of love and serving she had in our lives.  We will miss her dearly.  We are grateful to know, however, that she is in a wonderful place and has joined with those whom she loved and passed on before her.
In loving memory!



New Camera vs. Old Computer

Wow, I have so much I'd like to share with you right now.  I got a new camera .. yah!  But my old computer doesn't like it :/  So, be patient a bunch of fun posts are coming!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Monkey ~Southern Utah Infant Photographer

I am so excited to welcome this sweet little guy into our family, cause he's my nephew.  He is already alert and wondering about his world and just simply precious.  He was so patient and unwilling to sleep for us ... lol!  None the less, he was happy!  He did really enjoy being wrapped up snuggly in my nice fuzzy blanket :)  His nickname has always been "baby monkey."  When he was born my sister-in-law (out of love) said, "He really does look like a monkey!"  lol So silly!  Very excited to watch you grow little guy!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thea Bee ~Southern Utah Child Photographer

I love how they call this darling girl Thea Beee!  Fitting don't you think? :)  Poor little girl was terrified to be in the studio, even though mom was sitting a foot and a half from her the entire time.  I took a bunch of pictures with mom holding her and then showed her how "pretty she looked."  Then we did big sisters photos, and showed her some more photos.  Thea got to see me in action and look at the photos, which calmed her down.  In the end she decided it wouldn't be too bad after all and we were able to get a bunch of darling photos.  Thea loves jewelry also, but instead of jangles it around, chews on it!  lol What a fun part of this age!  We used some giant flowers to help keep her happy as well.  She even tried eating those didn't taste to good!  It was fun to see her transform from unsure into having fun.  Beautiful baby girl!

Precious in Pink ~ Southern Utah Child Photographer

Sweetie you get more and more beautiful every time I see you and you are just as darling as ever!  You still love to be draped in jewelry and you always love it when I take your pictures (well, except for the two year old photoshoot-go figure ... lol).  You look amazing in this beautiful dress and I'm so glad you've kept those CURLS!!  Thanks for being a fabulous example for you baby sister.  She only calmed down because she saw how much fun you were having.  We had so much fun taking photos, didn't we :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

SNOW MUCH FUN! Southern Utah Family Photographer

"Whooo hoo!  It's snowed all day and there is about a foot of snow.  Can we go tubbing?" my children say when they come racing in from school.  We've been waiting all season to get this much snow and aren't going to miss out on the chance to make some icy memories, homework and chores are on hold!  Snow boots get mixed up, someone's gloves aren't a matching set, and we can't foget the monster hats.  While the kids are getting bundled up the air compressor is working as fast as it can to pump up the tubes while I race in to grab my camera.  Today I decided to take my 75-300mm lens, just to see what kind of pictures I can get (as a challenge to myself). 
Before anyone is allowed to go down the hill I race down to get into 'camera position." LOL!  By then they are all lined up, and anxious to get going.  "GO!" I hollar and the fun begins.  Tubes, sleds, boards, etc. come flying at me, kicking up clouds of snow.  For a couple hours (yes, a couple) my ears are filled with shouts of "Whoo hoo!" and laughter.  I LOVE standing at the bottom and catching the excitement with my camera; the snowy faces, huge grins, great crashes, and daring tricks. 
I quickly figured out that I was going to get some pretty close shots using this lens, so that's what I focus on most.  Can I just say, it's not easy tracking a speading tube down a hill and keeping everything in foucs to get just the right shot, LOL!  I can't even count how many times I almost got knocked out and barely moved a leg just in time to let the speeding bullet by.  Oh man, it was soooo much fun!  These are just a FEW of the shots I got.  I love to capture the action and feeling of the occassion and was so pleased with these photos.
Meet my little snowman!  Him and his sister won't come in until it's dark every night!  They love to flip off their sled at any given moment while flying down the hill, for a dramatac effect.  And snow in the face? No problem, just brush it off and do it again!
Of course my daring one is all about going down in style .. love it!  If he can find a cool way to do it, he will! :)
And my baby can actually move in his marshmallow outfit this year ... which makes the experience much more fun for him.  Look at how he just hunker's down in the speeding sled that has no directions ... lol!
This crazy girl is a snow woman!  She could play in the snow for hours everyday!  And she always has her tongue hanging out to change snowflakes the entire time!
Love her wild, out of control hair!   The contrast of the white snow, black pants and her big blue eyes is just amazing!  (and a tricky shot).
These guys were our sledding buddies ... cousins are awesome!
The rest of these photos are just some fun action shots, big crashes, etc.  It makes me SOOOO happy to see my children having a blast together.  These relationships are the most valuable and it's worth two hours of freezing cold weather to bond together and have fun!
Great crash!
How many people can you pile on a tube?  And how many actually make it to the bottom?  lol
I just have to say that my kids have the best dad ever!  He's a kid just like they are!
Whoo!  What a blast!  Thanks for joining us on our awesome snow adventure!  See you on the slopes!