Monday, October 5, 2015

So grown up!  He keeps me up late talking, is a great babysitter, loves his siblings a ton, is helpful, does well in school, changed my life by making me a mom :), and still loves to snuggle with mommy (but don't tell him I said that).  This year marks a special year for him, the big 12 years!  I have been so blessed to have him as my little (not so little) boy.  He's a bit crazy and creative, ALL boy, and these photos fit that personality well.  Thanks for all the wonderful years, and many more to come. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Little Bit of Whimsical

Here is a little different style, with a more whimsical feel.  We had to wait till the sun was low in the sky, and we could see a storm blowing in.  The timing was perfect though and it was a beautiful evening.  These shots are perfect for Kinzie's personality.  She is often in her own little dream world thinking about fairies and butterflies, (in fact, it's easier to get shots of her looking away from the camera than at me).  She walks like Cinderella and poses effortlessly in this setting.  It was sooo much fun to capture this side of her, in dreamland far away  :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Be a Light

 This year marks a special age for this angel.  She was so excited to get her white baptism dress and melted in awe when she finally saw it.  Immediately, she put it on and began prancing around the house, swaying and gently moving her hands around as if she were a princess.  She was excited to take these pictures as well (always a bonus for mom); I took time to really think about her and plan it around her personality.  I  knew I wanted to show her fun, happy personality as being a 'light' to those around her, and this location was perfect for the style of photos I wanted to take. 




Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tiede Extended Family ~SouthernUtahFamilyPhotographer

My mom (amazing woman in the middle) wrote a story about what family picture time REALLY looks like and it's pretty hilarious.  It's full of all those "moments,"  you know the ones I'm talking about! The hours it takes mom to pick out clothes and make them look fabulous.  The tid bits that were forgotten (I forgot the curling iron and had to borrow grandma's on a whim).  The little kid who played in the sandbox just after mommy dressed him up (that would be mine), and the excitement of the tweens (hahaha).  AND THAT'S just to get to the location!  (Did I mention that I have the most kids to worry about also :)

On location, I'm working on posing and exposure -shooting individual families while we wait for the stragglers to come over.  Finally, we are all set up and I'm hoping that the ADULTS (yes, the adults)are looking at the camera and that Great Grandpa can just hold down the shutter button without wiggling the tripod.  After Grandpa's shot a few rounds I think we are pretty good.

Back at home, I get a closer look at what was shot and breath a sigh of relief!  It worked out!  Just a few adjustments, a couple head swaps and we have a fabulous family photo.  Actually, I just thank heaven the angels were there helping things along!  And I remember how much I LOVE DOING THIS!

At the end of my mom's story she said this, "So now, I ask myself  'was it worth it?' ... 'ABSOLUTELY YES!'... 'It was worth every painstaking, laugh filled moment of it.'
We now have proof that we are a family... through the thick and the thin of it all ... We will be by each other's sides, forever!  We will welcome every new addition to our family ... and find joy in each precious moment!  We will love and support each other through the ups and the downs.  And despite all of our mishaps and shortcomings; we will make it through this life, laughing and cheering each other on.  All in the hopes that in the end we can all be together as a family, with no empty chairs, in that wonderful elusive place, we call HEAVEN!"

Grandma and Grandpa with their grandkids :)

Great Grandma and Grandpa with a big chunk of their great grandkids :)

This picture has a history... about 5 years ago we took this same photo with mom and dad and their children (photo below).  The in-laws, however, have felt left out ... lol!  So we made sure to take the same picture, with the in-laws, in the same places as their spouse in the previous photo.  HOW FUN!


Petite White Roses

I picked up this tea pot at a yard sale (isn't it fun).  Then a few days later my sweet husband picked me some beautiful petite white roses on one of his bike ride with our little boys (he enjoys picking me random flowers in their season, I love it!).  The next day I was making a peanut butter sandwich for my little guys lunch, when it clicked.  I noticed the tea pot, then the flowers (then in a mason jar) and I suddenly envisioned this ...  

You never know when inspiration will strike :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Garfiled's ~SouthernUtahFamilyPhotographer

It was so much fun to see you again.  Wished the holiday could last longer and we could play more.    Enjoy your new family picture!

Monday, September 14, 2015

{T} Family ~SouthernUtahFamilyPhotographer

It's that time again!  Family time!  This family has added a bright eyed, busy little boy to their home.  He is so happy, and full of the biggest smiles all the time.  He has the best, loving sister ever, who will keep you on your toes as much as he will (won't this be an exciting adventure)!  I'm so excited to see your family grow.  Love you guys!

taken at Bear Lake in Utah