Thursday, September 15, 2011

the {T} Family ~Southern Utah Family Photographer

This family and our family have a fun history together. Back in the day, the adults (all 4 of us) worked at KFC together. My husband and I were married and these two were dating still. Now, we are in the same ward and have children that are the same ages. He likes to remind me how much he hated opening KFC with me because he had to listen to my country music. LOL Now, we just laugh and joke about the good-old-days. Honestly, I'd never guess we'd be friends, but it has been so fun to watch each other grow up and see our families grow. We love you!
Okay, I couldn't pick just one favorite family photo from these guys (and there are still more to choose from).  I've been waiting to shoot a family in this location for a long time.  When she asked me to do this for their family, there was not doubt where I wanted to do it.  It just fit their personalities perfectly.  And look how cute the kids are in every photo - amazing! 

All the photos look amazing in color and in black n' white, it was so hard to choose which one I like best. 

What fun huh!  I love taking candid shots.

This kid is so smart and he'll tell you all about it.  He loves to talk . . . the tricky part is getting him to smile without talking LOL

I don't think I took one bad shot of this little beauty!  and isn't the hat a perfect touch?  Love it!

Ahh yes, the typical two year old.  Run from the camera, hide from the camera, and never look at the camera!  My son does this too, but in the end I will surprise you!

Of course the 'random' family shot.  What are they looking at?  The airplane flying over head, of course.  I also got a darling one of them all looking at me.  I had so much fun you guyz, thanks!

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