Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Number FIVE! ~Southern Utah Infant Photographer

I am officially a mommy five times now and this is my little guy!  Isn't he just adorable!?!  I had the hardest time taking pictures of this little guy, why?  Because for two weeks every time he was sleeping soundly enough to take pictures I was sleeping, taking care of household things, or playing with my other kids.  And . . .  I just couldn't disturb the cute little guy.  But I finally stole a couple of hours and did it.  Besides, the grandparents wanted to see more photos and show him off.

This is often the look I get when he is awake . . . looking around, listening, searching, learning, etc.  I love how attentive he is when he is awake - except at 3:00am! 

I love the little 'birdie' arms and legs. 
This is the "I'm hungry mommy!" look.  Which just means I have an extra excuse to hold him more often than anyone else :)

Look at the huge pom-poms on this hat . . . it is just fun.  He often sleeps on me in this fashion and I love staring into his darling little face.  It's hard to put him down; in fact with so many siblings this little guy is almost always being held.

Oh yes, even the photographer has trouble with her own baby. LOL  But I thought all the grandparents would love to see him even when he is upset.

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