Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eric_Deborah Wedding ~Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

This was a gorgeous wedding with a 1950's style (so fun), and I felt honored to capture this wonderful couple and their special day.  In my heart I am a photo journalist photographer (one who likes to tell a story with pictures), and this is the perfect place for me to be.  Alisha Shaw, St. George Photographer, was the main photographer a the event (thus everyone looking away from my camera ... lol), and I was her second camera :)  We made a great team!  Plus, this was the perfect way to break in my new camera.  The picture quality is amazing!

She had her darling boys walk her down the isle ... awe!

I love this picture, because down below was where the pictures were being taken and these mischievous boys were chucking little pebbles down at them ... lol ... just like little boys!

Doesn't this look like a yummy snack bar!!  I love mini white doughnuts and licorice.

I happened to be standing in the right spot to get this shot :)  Benefits of having a second camera shooter.

I naturally gravitate to the kids (because I love kids) and they make some of the best candid shots.
This is just a handful of shots I took and it was hard to narrow it down!

The wedding and reception was held at the "The Falls" event center in St. George.


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