Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Calling All the Monsters

Oh my goodness!  This was one of the most fun, hilarious, Halloween shows ever!!  It was put on by the family and friends of Cedar City Children's Musical Theater (CCCMT) in Cedar City, Utah.  When they asked me if I'd like to be part of the show ... I was a bit reluctant (after all I hadn't been in a musical or show choir since high school).  But after the first practice, I was hooked.  All of these people are fabulous and so much fun to be around.  Their excitement for life, dedication, and kindness to each other is amazing. In theater you are encouraged to 'act a part,' but along the way you find that it is so much easier to be the 'real you' without judgment or worry of scorn.  When something goes wrong they pull together, support each other, and know that 'everything will be alright' otherwise knows as "the show must go on."  We are all so grateful for those who came to watch the show and support us ... we do it for you!  Thank you!
Of course I was also supper excited for the opportunity to photograph the show.  The poses, and facial expressions are SO MUCH FUN!  Here are the cast shots ... enjoy!





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