Monday, March 9, 2015

Thea Bee ~Southern Utah Child Photographer

I love how they call this darling girl Thea Beee!  Fitting don't you think? :)  Poor little girl was terrified to be in the studio, even though mom was sitting a foot and a half from her the entire time.  I took a bunch of pictures with mom holding her and then showed her how "pretty she looked."  Then we did big sisters photos, and showed her some more photos.  Thea got to see me in action and look at the photos, which calmed her down.  In the end she decided it wouldn't be too bad after all and we were able to get a bunch of darling photos.  Thea loves jewelry also, but instead of jangles it around, chews on it!  lol What a fun part of this age!  We used some giant flowers to help keep her happy as well.  She even tried eating those didn't taste to good!  It was fun to see her transform from unsure into having fun.  Beautiful baby girl!

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