Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Sis Bridals ~Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

I LOVED doing my little sisters bridals.  We even drove up to Logan, Utah for the occasion.  The first set of photos were taken at Second Dam, just up Logan canyon - beautiful area (and has special meaning to them).  The warm evening light was perfect and just starting to cool off. 

I can't get over how gorgeous you look lil' sis! 

I've actually printed both these two on canvas and they are amazing!

This dress is all your style and it look amazing on you!

I printed this second (top) one on canvas also - it looks great!

A few of the details, bouquet, shoes, and rings.

Most of these next one's she printed for the reception in random sizes.  Can't wait to see what she's done with them all.

This next set were taken at the Logan Temple, in northern Utah.  The sun was beginning to go down so we did as many as we dared and saved some of the other one's for the actual wedding day - so look for those to come.


This was a fun one!  I took three pictures and merged them into one image.  We printed this one also and it is super fun.

Thank you, thank you!  I can't wait to do the wedding day!

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