Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Overalls ~Southern Utah Child Photographer

This is my little guy . . . and growing like a weed!  As you can tell I love overalls, and the 'newsie' hat!  This is a super fun age to take pictures of, why?  Because they are learning and growing so much (but they don't run out of my frame LOL).  I love to sit back with my camera and watch them play, snapping photos that show their personality as they come.  They are certain to smile, spit, turn, twist, put things in their mouth, and chatter.  Every expression is true to who they really are and every child is unique.  My little guy is darling (to say the least) and a true joy to my heart!  He loves his family and often smiles for anyone who will smile at him.  He is also very busy and curious about his world.  All these photos delighted me because every one captured his darling personality!  In a coupel weeks, however, he will be crawling out of my frame!   

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