Friday, April 20, 2012

Scrapbook Day ~Southern Utah Child Photographer

A few moms have gotten together and decided to teach their 7 year old girls random skills and talents.  I was fortunate enough to join this group and have loved it.  The moms take turns teaching these 4 girls a different skill, once a week for four weeks.  They have done cooking and voice lessons already (and a few other things before I joined the group).  Now that it's my turn I am teaching them scrapbooking . . .  but I thought it would be fun to take their pictures first.  I told them to wear their favorite outfit and we'd take darling pictures . . .  these are my favorite pictures of each girl.

This is my 5 year old who gets to join us for scrapbooking also.

Then we took pictures of specific things for the books.  The first book is "All About Me."  I needed pictures of their height, hair, eyes, smile, and darling poses.  The second book we are making is a "Favorites" so they have their favorite stuffed animal, treat, shoes, bag, color, and book.  These are random shots I took show these items.  Supper fun and we did all 5 girls in 2 hours - whooooo!  The last book we will make is a "Silly Faces" book.  I'm justing going to take pictures of them making silly faces when they visit for scrapbooking.  I'll post the books later.  I am so excited and glad they allowed me to join this group.

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