Saturday, October 23, 2010

{H} the Hunk :)

Oooooh kiddo . . . you look good! This is one of my sons best friends and what a blast it was to photo him. He thought I was crazy when we arrived at the location I took these (I really don't blame him, I would have thought the same thing a year ago). He warmed up pretty quick though . . . soon he was relaxed and joking with me and we did good dude.
Okay these violin pictures are especially unique. This kid grew up with 'team spirit' and surrounded by football and other sports. So, it was quite a shock when he announced that he wanted to play the violin. Don't get me wrong, this kid can be crazy and wild, but I think that it is totally awesome that he wants to persue something no one would have guessed. Way to go! and Good luck!

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